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 My name is Yuko, a photography artist currently based in Japan. I create photography work under the name of Yuko Yamada. 
 Born and raised in Japan, stayed in Melbourne in my mid 20s, learning, working, and living in the diverse language as well as in cultural environment. During that time, I met people who loves what they do. Having been inspired by them, I decided to pursue what I truly love to do. This was how my photography journey had started. 
 I'm a Getty Images contributor since 2012, creating lifestyle, nature themed abstract as well as landscape work through my journey. 
 For commercial/ editorial use, photo & video licensing is available only through this agency. Print work is also available on my shop. Please contact if you have a particular work you are looking for and cannot find it. 
Licensing Work
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 Yuko Yamada​​​​​​​
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Still Images
Lifestyles & Food
Imagery of a simple healthy lifestyle as well as eating habits of a Japanese senior person.
Abstract Work
Abstract art created from the nature elements such as the sky and the water. 
Video Clips
Seasonal Flowers
Seasonal flowers blooming in western Japan. Mainly handheld shots on a mobile device.
Time-lapse Videos
Time-lapse video clips of the sky, landscapes, and cityscapes in different time.
Clouds in the blue sky, sunset & sunrise. Beautiful moment reflecting light of life.
SAKURA - Cherry blossoms
Beautiful cherry blossom trees, walking through a park on a sunny day in springtime. 
Print Shop
Prints & Goods
Printing products made from my nature & travel photos. Please send me a request if you have a place you would like me to visit to create work. 
Fine Art Prints​​​​​​​
Limited edition prints are available. 
Geclée print with a Canon Printer by a professional lab. 
Printed on Hahnemühle William Turner, 100% cotton acid-free paper for my selected work.     
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